Retrieving  the Protein or Nucleic acid sequences from the databases is the first step for most of the Bioinformatics tools. In this part let's retrieve protein sequence from Swiss Prot Database which is a Primary Protein Database.

Click here for Swiss Prot homepage-

At the top of the page, there is a search button where, the name of the protein or the accession number can be entered. Here in this example Swiss prot ID for Dihydrofolate reductase protein is P00374.
Write this ID in the search box.

The page opens into typical Swiss Prot entry format. Be familiar with the headings etc. Extreme down of the page you will find the actual amino acid sequence. BLAST and usually most of the tools use FASTA format.

Click on the link as shown in picture, then the amino acid sequence what you get is in the Fasta format, copy that sequence and paste that onto the notepad and save it in your harddisk.You will need this sequence in this tutorial.



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